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gosh, it is really difficult to make a living, don't you think?


gosh, it is really difficult to make a living, don't you think?


That's a job to cure or cause a fear of heights, wow.


poverty makes people do things that are unheard of... your pictures are so powerful. it shows the "outside world" how Filipinos try to earn a living for themselves, their families. sad.

What is sadder? The government will do nothing. If one goes to the Dept of Labor, it'll just be a futile exercise.

Wim van der Meij

Apalling photos Sid!
Such climbing with "teenslippers"!!!
But great photos again.


from one acrophobia's opinion, it is unbelievable to work on such a high place without safety shoes. nice captures.


Wow! You've got some powerful zoom there!


Truly awesome views, sidney. Unbelievable! They should be a high wire act or something. They can probably make more money doing that.


Looks like acrophobia is alien to them.


looks like they are working without harness, hmmm. very very brave.

Chris Vallancourt

It's amazing that these people are working in such unsafe conditions. The irony hits home when one sees the "sexy" clothing advertisements that appear on these billboards.


When are we going to this, Sidney? And when are we going to Baghdad to cover the war? *LOL* Seriously, these are dangerous stunts, and I do not think they're even properly compensated for what they're doing.


at first i thought they are on a building construction. poor men, im sure their meager income isn't even enough to buy safety helmet.

Major Tom

At first glance, they looked liked those poor guys we see on evening news about to commit suicide and not workers working for agencies that raked in billions of pesos regularly. At least they should have the proper attires and gadgets, like ropes and helmets...This is very scandalous. I think somebody ought to inform the authorities about this, like The Dept. of Labor and Employment in Manila...

Great and dramatic shots by the way Sidney, keep on!!!


I like how you show the scale of these structures with the human touch, as in the third photograph. Lovely series!


man, this is yet the best series of yours that I've truly enjoyed. and you managed to spot these guys, the "spiderman of the highway"...(no harness). Where this somewhere in Quezon Ave., I noticed they change the billboards very often. I sometimes spotted them when I go there and i can't help staring at them. and no, i believe these guys are not even insured. and i reckon they get very little from this job. but the frequency makes it enough.

Ladybug's Leaf

MAN! That's C R A Z Y ! ! ! Awesome shots, Sidney!


Your shots are very impressive. The last one today gives me a vertigo! I admire a lot the courage of these men!


i hope these workers are properly insured and has the union behind them. i cannot believe they are up on those billboards with no harness at all attach to their body to protect the fall, and they dont even have saftey helmets. not here in the states. very thrilling pics.


What an interesting series! Very cool.



Your serie of photographies remind me the construction of the empire state building :

I am bewildered !


(sorry for my english...)

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